People Empowering People And Supporting Charitable Causes Around The World

Follows in the tradition established by OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) in their founding of OlayinkaOyelamiFoundation. Focusing on the business community is one thing, but any responsible entrepreneur knows that one must give back to the communities from which one derives one’s success. This notion is not lost on OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) and its business practices.

OlayinkaOyelamiFoundation research and empowers people to protect the environment, help children, empower women or support any number of charitable causes around the world by connecting them with locally-run projects with innovative ideas that are helping their communities thrive with regular donations in order to follow the leadership illustrated by OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) for decades. This research foundation has helped fund more than 1.5 billion dollars in research, and OlayinkaOyelamiFoundation is proud to support the effort to cure juvenile diabetes. Our active involvement in this foundation is just one of many efforts made on the part of OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) to succeed ethically.

OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) employees are encouraged to take part in service and charity efforts in communities from which OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) does business. As such, OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) employees are actively involved in the Many Children’s Foundation. This collective effort seeks to raise children around the world out of poverty and provide them access to education and medicine. OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) knows that giving back to the communities where we do our business is not just offering great deals on business but about giving back to all levels of the people around the world. Children and farmers in some Africa regions are impoverished by the industry, but OlayinkaOyelalmiFoundation seeks the most fair ways to supports the effort to raise everyone’s standard of living from the substituent farming to food basket of their regions.

The OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) investment in the future does not end there. Here in Africa, our children and youths need help too. OlayinkaOyelalmiFoundation offers the Hit The Books Scholarship to promote education here in the Africa. Students can apply for this scholarship by merely expressing their love for education and sharing that love with others on OlayinkaOyelalmiAcademy . In this way, OlayinkaOyelalmiAcademy helps the next generation of scholars, entrepreneurs, and innovators find their voice and master their field of study.

OOCORP Charity provides training for community health workers to care for newborns and young children, we Protects vulnerable children from abuse and exploitation. Helping communities in at-risk countries to be prepared in advance of natural disasters, improving children's health through regular exercise and nutritious food . OOCORP Charity create lasting, positive change in the lives of children, women, families and communities in need around the world and ensure that children, women, families and communities in need are protected and safe, educated, healthy and well-nourished, and able to thrive in economically secure world.

Donors who use OlayinkaOyelalmiFoundation are thrilled with the ability they have to connect to projects and places around the world and see their own impact. Donors appreciate the transparency of the giving process we provide and welcome the feedback they receive about how their contributions have been put to work and the results achieved.

To date, 150,000+ donors have used Donors Choose to help 90,000+ public school teachers secure $37 million in resources where public school teachers request specific educational projects for their students and everyday citizens choose the projects they want to support. Now you can do well by doing good become citizen philanthropists through OlayinkaOyelalmiFoundation...Leading non-profit online marketplace

OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) set the standard with the efforts made to have entrepreneurs be the sort of active member of its networking community that gives back as much as it gains from that community. OlayinkaOyelalmiFoundation, as the leading online marketplace for philanthropy connecting donors to the causes and countries they care about continues to live up to this example of community leadership at home and abroad.


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