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Orùnmìlà a-kéré-finú-sogbón

Basic primer for those seeking understanding to the traditional belief of the Yoruba and Ifa traditions Orùnmìlà a-kéré-finú-sogbón

Illumination Fundamental Art (Ifá) Blog: The Native American Code of Ethics Of 20 Rules For...

Illumination Fundamental Art (Ifá) Blog: The Native American Code of Ethics Of 20 Rules For...: Probably one of the most spiritually advanced and character building code is The Native American Code of Ethics which was originally publi...

OlayinkaOyelamiFoundation Blog

OlayinkaOyelamiFoundation Blog: OlayinkaOyelamiFoundation (OOFOUNDATION) is a global digital Charitable non-Profit Organization...a giving subsidiary of OlayinkaOyelamiCorporation (OOCORP). We are leading online marketplace for philanthropy connecting donors to the causes and countries they care about.

People Empowering People And Supporting Charitable Causes Around The World

Follows in the tradition established by OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) in their founding of OlayinkaOyelamiFoundation. Focusing on the business community is one thing, but any responsible entrepreneur knows that one must give back to the communities from which one derives one’s success. This notion is not lost on OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) and its business practices.

OlayinkaOyelamiFoundation research and empowers people to protect the environment, help children, empower women or support any number of charitable causes around the world by connecting them with locally-run projects with innovative ideas that are helping their communities thrive with regular donations in order to follow the leadership illustrated by OlayinkaOyelalmiCorporation (OOCORP) for decades. This research foundation has helped fund more than 1.5 billion dollars in research, and OlayinkaOyelamiFoundation is proud to support the effort to cure juvenile diabetes. Our active involvement in this foundat…